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Coco Book is where Love is documented.   

Once the nut is removed, a Coconut becomes a Coco.    

Many more to add - in the thousands; time permitting f
rom your well-loved team named the Selfology Superfamily (Super for us means "we goal together").  


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Review by Stephanie P, with a focus on our SR Booking System.  Same wise eyes.



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Beauty Rights Your Rights to Feel Beautiful as Your Magical Self.
Captain Canada's Daughter "was" Bullied.
No more because she is now a significant self. 

Wisdom from the conversation with her - Change oneself rather than change others first. 
Selfology Hearts.


Selfology Heart Officer, "Love is made from evolution. Thank you Nadia for your evolutionary love.  http://Coco.selfology.com"


"After reading the reviews here, I'll admit, I was hesitant. I first came across this spa on Groupon. We were visiting Vancouver from Washington and we were on a tight schedule. I read that it was nearly impossible to make an appointment so before I purchased I wanted to make sure that wouldn't be a problem. It was not at all. I called and the phone was immediately answered. The woman answered all my questions, booked me on the day and time I chose and directed me to the website where i could purchase my spa package. I got a text afterwards as well as an email confirming my payment and appointment. 48 hours before i was contacted again by text to confirm my appointment. Personally, i prefer this form of communication. I'm not a fan of phone calls and rarely answer unknown numbers which leads to phone tag. 


We arrived 10 minutes early and was greeted right away and offered water or tea while we waited. There's no real waiting room but there was a small bench next to the hair stations. We filled out paperwork for our health conditions, massage preferences and the woman asked questions and got our expectations written down. We were taken back shortly after. 


The massage room was warm and cozy. The massage itself was wonderful. Perfect pressure, quiet music and the smell of aroma therapy oils being used. All things she got our preference on before starting. Our package also included a facial which was also relaxing and my skin feels wonderful. After we were done, she showed us products for sale and more packages for sale but wasn't pushy or intrusive. 


All in all, this was a great experience from start to finish and I'm very happy with my service and cost. If I am ever in the area again, I will definitely return."


Stephanie P

Everett WA

Feb 2019



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